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Swipe Mode Viewer – Natural Touch, Effortless Control

Navigate your digital publications with natural ease using our Swipe Mode Viewer, optimized for both single-page and spread viewing, just like a real book. Our Swipe Mode Viewer is designed to emulate the authentic feel of a book or magazine, catering to the traditional reader’s preferences in the digital era.

Mobile-Optimized for Readers on the Go

Tailored for touchscreens, the Swipe Mode Viewer provides an optimal reading experience on tablets and smartphones. Swiping through pages is as natural as using any favorite reading app, making it ideal for readers on the move.

Engagement with Swipe Mode

Immerse your audience in a digital reading experience that feels both comfortable and familiar with our Swipe Mode Viewer. It’s the perfect blend of traditional reading and digital convenience, ready to captivate with every touch.

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