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Flipbook and PDF Viewer

Create beautiful online page flip catalogs, magazines and brochures. Transform your PDFs into online flipping books.

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Shelf Wood
Shelf Wood

Realistic flipbook

Create ultra realistic 3D flipbooks with page bending, shiny pages, lights and shadows. Outrival your competition with stunning online flipbooks. No matter what content you create with Real3D Flipbook, your clients and leads will love it.

Fully customizable

Choose from 3 different flip animations, single or double page view, customize UI colors, background, icons, UI layout, flip speed, zoom levels, remove any option form the menu, add logo… Real3D flipbook is packed with options.


Flipbook can be opened in a lightbox overlay by clicking on image, button, text or any element via CSS class


Real 3D


PDF flipbook

Display PDF-s directly in your website! User can view your PDF-s without downloading them, and without leaving your site. PDF pages are rendered one by one, so user can start reading the PDF before document is fully loaded.

Supports internal and external links. All links inside the PDF will automatically work inside the flipbook. 

Supports text selection and text search with keyword highlighting

Single page view

Single page mode displays one page at a time, which is more optimal for portrait screen orientation. Animation can be horizontal scroll or 3D flip. Single page mode can be used only for mobile or always.

Responsive view

Displays two pages in landscape mode and one page in portrait mode, to maximize the viewing area, with adjustable breakpoint for screen size

Swipe mode

Swipe mode displays documents with horizontal swipe instead of flip, which is more natural on mobile devices. Swipe mode detects screen size and orientation to display single page or double page layout. Touch friendly swipe mode can be used only on mobile or as default viewer.

CSS mode

Ultra fast and lightweight flipbook made with CSS3, without use of WebGL. If your priority is fast page loding and high performance then CSS flipbook is the best option.

Fully responsive
Optimized for mobile

Your flipbooks will work on any device or operating system.

We are the first service in the world that has a 100% HTML5 flipbook that works on all devices without the need of installing third party software.

It will work on any desktop PC, mobile phone or tablet.


Easy to use

Creating flipbooks is fast and easy. For jQuery verssion here are many ready to use html examples provided with the plugin. For WordPress version just upload your PDF or images and insert the shortcode into your post or page.

Fully customizable

Real3D Flipbook fits perfectly in any theme because you can customize the user interface completely. You can change menu colors, button colors, shape, size, border, shadows and hide buttons you don’t need.

PDF Flipbook

You can create 3D book directly from PDF file. PDF flipbook supports text selection and text search with keyword highlighting. All links inside the pdf will automatically work inside the flipbook.

Interactive pages

You can add any HTML content to pages. You can create interactive pages with links, buttons, videos, music players, iframes ect. Create video albums, portfolio books with interactive pages, magazines with links, videos and music…

Optimized for mobile

Look and feel of a native app on mobile with touch swipe and pinch zoom features.

Retina ready icons

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery: technologies behind the scene. Pageflip generates valid HTML5 document, styled with CSS3, powered by JavaScript & jQuery.

Lightbox mode

With lightbox mode you can put a text link or an image link anywhere on your site, and by clicking on a link the flipbook will be opened in a lightbox. This way you can have multiple books / magazines / brochures on the same page.

Single page view

Flipbook layout can be changed based on the device type. Besides the standard double page view, there is a single page view that can be used either on mobile devices or both on desktop and mobile. Single page view offers better reading experience on smaller screens but still keeps the 3D flipping effect and shadows.

Responsive mode

Responsive mode creates a flipbook with optional size that can be put anywhere inside a page or post.


You can create link to the specific page from the URL.

Fullscreen mode

With Fullscreen mode the flipbook will cover the entire page.

Right to left mode

Pages can be displayed from right to left for eastern countries.

Better navigation

Fast access, intuitive page turning – make access to your content easy.

Page turn sound

Real 3D FlipBook is the most realistic flipbook solution available, using the sound flipping effects to make user experience it even better.

Professional look and feel

Show PDFs seamlessly on your website. Give visitors a seamless way to read your documents online. With Real3DFlipbook, your PDFs will look good and create a professional image in any medium.

No coding needed

No coding is required to deliver and share your interactive documents. Create beautiful publications with page flip effect today.

Smart page loading

Only current pages are loaded, so Real 3D FlipBook works even faster.

Latest technologies

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery: technologies behind the scene. Pageflip generates valid HTML5 document, styled with CSS3, powered by JavaScript & jQuery.

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26,000+ Happy Customers

Amazing: fast, good design, functional, friendly support!
- luisbalboa-creativeworks
After trying around 5 other plugins, Real 3D Flipbook stands out as the best one for many reasons. Among them: the quality of the plugin design, the variety of options available, and above all, the wonderful technical support from the developer, who helped me a lot to achieve the best results for my website.
- atef_wagih
Easy to use – and it`s looking absolute fascinating … Well done – good job !!!
- 4XSetUps
This really is an amazing plugin. But the best thing about it is that the author continues to improve it, support it and generally make it better and better and better. Thank you!
- anneboleynfiles
An excellent plugin, flexible, with the added bonus of having great support. Easily the best solution for flipbooks for wordpress !
- JaimBateman
After purchasing another plugin for flipbooks that was a pain to work with I was already pretty doubting if I should purchase this. However it turns out to be good, easy and fast in use!! It can work with large PDF’s en you not have to buy another seperate plugin for that purpose. Furthermore it has a great overview over the books and last but not least my PDF’s are shown in a great way on the site.
- Jip1980

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