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Bookshelf Addon - Organize Your Digital Publications

Welcome to the Real3D Flipbook Bookshelf Addon – the best tool for displaying your digital publications in an interactive and engaging bookshelf format. 

This is an addon for Real3D Flipbook WordPress Plugin, which is required to be able to use this addon. 

This addon allows you to create custom shelves for your Real3D Flipbooks, adding an aesthetic and organized flair to your website.

Shelf Wood

Why Choose Bookshelf Addon?​

Customizable Shelves: Design your digital bookshelves to match your website’s theme. Customize everything from the shelf image, background color, cover side, margin, alignment, to the cover shadow.

Easy Integration: Add these shelves to your posts or pages seamlessly. Our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth integration process, enhancing the user experience without any technical hassle.

Multiple rows: Adjust cover width to define number of books per shelf, when all books don’t fit the shelf, new shelf is automatically added.

Shelf Wood
Shelf Wood
Shelf Wood

Grid Display: The grid format offers a clean, straightforward presentation of your flipbooks. It’s perfect for sites with a minimalist design or when you want your content to stand out without additional graphical elements.

Setting Up Your Bookshelf

Follow these simple steps to set up your interactive bookshelf and showcase your collection of digital publications:

  1. Create a Bookshelf: Navigate to Real3D Flipbook > Shelves and create a new shelf.
  2. Customize the Appearance: Customize the shelf image, background color, cover size, shelf size, alignment, and covers shadow, ensuring your bookshelf not only functions well but also looks great.
  3. Add Flipbooks to Your Shelf: For each flipbook you want to display, ensure it has a cover image. This is crucial as the cover represents your flipbook on the shelf. To add a cover, go to ‘Edit Flipbook’ > ‘Lightbox’ > ‘Cover’ and generate cover or upload your desired image. Once your flipbooks have covers, add them to your bookshelf. Select the flipbooks from your collection and place them on the shelf.
  4. Embed the Bookshelf on Your Site: Use the provided shortcode or the WordPress block editor to embed the bookshelf into your chosen page or post.
Shelf Wood
Shelf Wood

Get Bookshelf Addon today!

Transform your catalogs, brochures, books, and magazines into an interactive experience 

that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.